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What is a pre-order?

  •  The pre-order item is an item which you have the chance to purchase in preview from the new collection or a limited edition. It means that the item is still in production when ordered and not immediately available in our warehouse.
    Once you run checkout it is important to verify if the product is in pre-order or not.

What are the advantages of buying a pre-order item?

  •  Pre-Order means that the product is not currently in stock and you must place your order as per normal if you’d like to off sale before the item arrives with us.
  • The benefit of purchasing Pre-Order items is that you will have off sale before the item arrives with us.

How to fulfill a payment?

  • Payment is required at the time of the purchase. The total amount of the order will be charged once at check-out.

Can I cancel /amend a pre-order item?

  • Please kindly note, Pre-Orders cannot be cancelled/refunded once placed. However, if you wish to change your item to another 3dmax collection which is in stock to arriving sooner, you may do so. The item being exchanged to must be equal to the same value or greater.
  • Please note that pre-orders are treated as a standard order and the payment will be taken from your account as a normal transaction.

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order?

  • Waiting times vary from article to article. Usually, the estimated waiting time is of 24h from you pre-order. Once that the item is available in our warehouse, your order will be to your email dispatched within 24h.
  • Please keep in mind that if you placed an order containing a pre order item, the whole order will be on hold and dispatched entirely.

When a delay occurs and why?

  • Time to place your order on 2 days at the end of the week
  • Available: Mon – Fri
    (8:30 AM – 1 PM | 2:00 PM – 9 PM)

Can I combine in stock and pre-order items?
Absolutely yes! You can:

  • Create two distinct orders: one including items available in stock and the other including items in pre-order;
  • Get in touch with our Customer Service Team in order to request more information on items in pre-order;
  • Place a combined order and wait for the items in pre-order to arrive.

Still need help?

  • Simply email us at and we will do our best to find the best solution for your needs.
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