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Welcome to 3DS MARKET website, the website is designed and put into use in 2015. Your registration to use 3DS MARKET and the use of services of 3DS MARKET means you agree with the Terms below (service agreement). If you do not agree, please do not register 3DS MARKET as well as services provided by 3DS MARKET. 3DS MARKET may change or adjust the agreement. You should regularly see the usage agreement each time you visit the website

Service description

Through websites and links on the website, 3DS MARKET provides users with the ability to access Web resources of 3DS MARKET, using the services provided by 3DS MARKET, including the information shown on Websites in the form of text, images, audio or video illustrations, databases, management messages or messages and other services (collectively referred to as “Services”). Unless specifically stated otherwise, the subject of the Terms of Use also includes updates or upgrades, new features or attributes of the Service, or new services provided by 3DS MARKET. level.

The service on this website is ready to be changed by 3DS MARKET without being required to notify or confirm and does not guarantee that the Service will satisfy the requirements, be compatible or consistent with the purpose of the User. 3DS MARKET also does not guarantee that the functions of the Service will be provided continuously, without technical or virus errors, errors (if any) will be promptly remedied.

In any case, 3DS MARKET is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of User’s Services, due to negligence or other related misleading actions. to the use of User Services.

Services and responsibilities of 3DS MARKET

Services of 3DS MARKET are services listed on this website (referred to as services for short). You agree that 3DS MARKET reserves the right, and without prior notice, to adjust services. You also agree that 3DS MARKET reserves the right to modify or delete the information you provide to 3DS MARKET to ensure that the information is registered in accordance with the Website’s Regulations.

You agree that 3DS MARKET will not be liable for damages caused by the lack or inaccuracy of information on the website, including direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential consequences of your access. or use the information on the website. Therefore, you are solely responsible for the consequences of using the website.

You agree that the resources on the website (including documents, courses, learning videos, flash files, …) are uploaded by the user and 3DS MARKET fully assumes no responsibility for copyright. / liability of the above resources.

You understand and agree that the username and password information must be kept confidential, and must notify us immediately if you suspect that your password has been disclosed.

You agree that we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block access to and use of your website if you act in a way that harms the website or breaches the Terms of Service.

Your responsibilities and obligations

You need to agree to the Terms of Service, commit to provide accurate information when registering, and take full responsibility for this information.

You are responsible for protecting the access password, and the responsibility of logging in with your password, whether or not you are logged in directly.

You agree that you do not use the Service for illegal purposes, prohibited by law (hereinafter referred to as the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) or violate legal rights , obstructing or limiting the use of the Service by other Users, specifically not taking advantage of the website for the following purposes:

· Against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; harming national security, social order and safety; undermining the mass unity of the people; propaganda of aggression war; causing hatred, conflicts between peoples, ethnicities, religions; propaganda, inciting violence, lewdness, depravedness, crimes, social evils, superstitions; undermining the nation’s traditions and customs.

· Revealing state secrets, military, security, economic, foreign relations and other secrets prescribed by law;

· Include misrepresentation, slander, insult to the reputation of the organization; honor and dignity of citizens;

· Taking advantage of the Internet to advertise, propagate, buy and sell goods and services on the prohibited list as prescribed by law.

· Disturbing, destroying equipment systems and illegally obstructing the management, provision and use of Internet services and electronic information on the Internet.

· Stealing and illegally using passwords, encryption keys and private information of organizations and individuals on the Internet.

· Create and install computer virus programs and harmful software to perform one of the acts specified in Article 71 of the Law on Information Technology.

You may not damage, destroy, undermine or damage the Service and the website of TaiLieuKienTruc.NET. You may not distribute files containing viruses, destructive programs, or files, software programs that are harmful to the Service and the stable use of other users.

Links to other websites:

For the convenience of User’s use, TaiLieuKienTruc.NET may provide Users with some links to other websites. These linked websites are not owned by TaiLieuKienTruc.NET, so TaiLieuKienTruc.NET will not be responsible for any information, services or content of these Websites. Users are solely responsible for using and exploiting these Websites.

Age limit:

Everyone can visit this website. However, if you want to register a member to put information and resources on the website, you must be at least 18 years old and be able to take responsibility for your behavior.


You agree not to violate the following prohibitions:

1. Providing information / resources violating the law, fine customs, illegal business, causing harm to other individuals / organizations.

2. Provide information / resources owned by other entities protected by domestic and foreign laws.

Products and services of other subjects

TaiLieuKienTruc.NET will not be responsible for any damages caused by products or services registered or advertised on the website, directly or indirectly.

All visitors have read it carefully and understand these terms and conditions and approve all regulations voluntarily.

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